Xuxin Cheng

xucheng [at] ucsd.edu

I am a 1st year PhD student at UC San Diego advised by Prof. Xiaolong Wang. I earned my M.S. in Robotics at CMU advised by Prof. Deepak Pathak. I also worked with Prof. Koushil Sreenath at UC Berkeley. I am interested in general motion generation for real robots.

I love snowboarding 🏂 and scuba diving 🤿 in my free time.

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Visual Whole-Body Control for Legged Loco-Manipulation

Minghuan Liu*, Zixuan Chen*, Xuxin Cheng, Yandong Ji, Ruihan Yang, Xiaolong Wang

Webpage | arXiv | Video | BibTeX

Expressive Whole-Body Control for Humanoid Robots

Xuxin Cheng*, Yandong Ji*, Junming Chen, Ruihan Yang, Ge Yang, Xiaolong Wang
RSS 2024

Webpage | arXiv | Video | BibTeX

Extreme Parkour with Legged Robots

Xuxin Cheng*, Kexin Shi*, Ananye Agarwal, Deepak Pathak
ICRA 2024
CoRL 2023 Generalist / Roboletics / Deployable Workshop (Oral)

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Legs as Manipulator: Pushing Quadrupedal Agility Beyond Locomotion

Xuxin Cheng, Ashish Kumar, Deepak Pathak
ICRA 2023

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Deep Whole-Body Control: Learning a Unified Policy for Manipulation and Locomotion

Zipeng Fu*, Xuxin Cheng*, Deepak Pathak
CoRL 2022 (Oral, Best System Paper Finalist)

Webpage | arXiv | Video | Media | BibTeX

Reinforcement Learning for Robust Parameterized Locomotion Control of Bipedal Robots

Zhongyu Li, Xuxin Cheng, Xue Bin Peng, Pieter Abbeel, Sergey Levine, Glen Berseth, Koushil Sreenath
ICRA 2021

Webpage | arXiv| IEEE | Video | BibTeX
Media: MIT Tech Review | TechXplore | DeepTech | Inceptive Mind | Freethink | Unite.AI | Singularity Hub 

Automated Lane Change Strategy using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Fei Ye*, Xuxin Cheng*, Pin Wang, Ching-Yao Chan
Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV) 2020

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Course Projects

Learning Precise Foot Placement Skills with HZD-based Gait Library for Legged Robots

CS285 Deep Reinforcement Learning

Computer Vison and Computational Photography

CS194 Image Manipulation, Computer Vision and Computational Photography (Spring 2020)

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In this project collection, I implemented several state-of-the-art algorithms to manipulate photos and videos.

Campus Life Planner and Navigator

Introduction to Software Engineering (Fall 2018)

[Code]  [Video

CLPN-BIT is a Wechat Mini-Program including features of schedule planning and campus navigation inside Beijing Institute of Technology. CLPN stands for "Campus Life Planner and Navigator".

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